Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Days Of Remarkable Courage & Hope

i send out a smile & thanks to all the courageous beings of our Pat, Present, & who are destined for our Future as leaders of Hope, Peace, Joy & Light!
As I sit in quietude with my Self, both furry & human friends, and the imagination of a graceful exit from this UnderWorld into the Higher Vibration of Truth, I rest my thoughts gently on those who have helped me to reach this Path...and i say THANK YOU.
I say, I will gladly carry out this message of Persistence towards Inner Peace to reach the Outer.
I say, I am taking the Gift of mySelf and offering it back to the UNIverse, guided by my OWN light that was passed along the Way by intentions set before me.
I say, I have the ability to & am choosing to carie for my body, my mind, my Soul..which in the beauty of Life continues to Flow into YOU!!!

So remember today that you are special, able, complete & unique, while part of the whole creative force within our UNIverse.
Embrace it, begin to heal & be the illumination for another, as those before us have chosen so wisely to do.

Be Peace.
Be Change.
Be YourSelf.

~a special thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr for his devotion to a higher consciousness of living & for having the ability to shine brighter than the stars in our eyes so we could see a Truth~

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