Wednesday, January 28, 2009

what is Peace to You!

i write to you of my moment just now passing. I was sitting here alone but someplace with you all; and in that moment i spoke aloud the flash of integrity that emerged from my vocals. The reverberation of dits & dots, a language still relying on the agreements of the mind & body to communicate through the soul; and yet how many truly venture into this quantum of thought without throwing their hands & theories up to the passing whim, never truly claiming space. And yet as this vibration of thought resounded in the small chambers of my favourite room a instantaneous chill of comfortable assurance ran up & down my arms, almost as if [i]the[/i] ancient signal to say, "this is your calling Kathleen, the one you knew all along". a signal of animal proportions that could slip past the mind guards & resonate truth throughout my Being. And with an almost uncontrolled titter I surrendered to what i am [i]perhaps[/i] to and have been called to do.
i ask of you to marinate with your own calling & see if it answers 'what does Peace mean to you?'

take a deep breath & exhale with the contention of knowing you are beautiful, energetic & full of love..for that is where we are right now, and thus what you have created. Thank You! I will Reflect!!!

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